Contemporary furniture design meets surface touch technology


@Table is an interactive multi-media touch table that delivers a truly inspirational multi-touch experience. @Table consists of a lightweight steel and stainless steel frame with a flush, tempered glass top and is equipped with a high quality 42” Full HD LED monitor, compact PC and the latest Pro-Cap multi-touch technology (capable of responding to 40 simultaneous points of touch), all seamlessly integrated together to great effect.

Additional features of the @Table:

  • Built-in computer: Intel® Core™ i5-4250U, 8 GB RAM , HDD 256 GB SSD,
  • Intel HD 5500 graphics card,
  • WiFi
  • External USB HUB
  • NFC reader
  • HD webcam with built-in microphone

@Table is available with optional heights for the legs in order to simulate a coffee table or standing height table as follows:

  • 45 cm coffee table height for hotel lobbies, reception areas and waiting rooms
  • 90 cm standing/counter table height for museums, open dynamic work spaces and retail outlets

@Table comes with a suite of innovate and functional multi-touch software apps (see SaaS) which can be easily customized to suite individual clients needs and requirements.

szablon product table at


Table on the wall !?

@Table is the perfect device for a wide range of applications including, digital signage, virtual concierge, Point of Information, Point of Sale, way finding and product presentations. It’s sleek, contemporary and lightweight design helps it blend seamlessly into any environment including reception areas, lobbies, retail stores, training rooms, conference and meeting rooms, waiting rooms, museums and public display areas. If there is no enough space in the area legs are easily detachable and table can be hanged on the wall like a regular display.

SaaS for a table

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a business model for the provision of software applications and software support services. SaaS offers innovative and highly effective multi-touch applications based on pre-existing templates that can be run on @Table or any of our offer touch display products. The service includes dedicated software and technical support and is sold on a subscription service model which means you can avoid the huge upfront investment costs associated with most other software solution providers.
We can offer SaaS service packages tailored to your requirements to operate over an agreed period of time. These service packages can also include the interactive touch hardware such as V-Screens with the support
service to customize the software app templates around you own particular requirements and corporate identity.


Software application templates currently available:

  • Concierge – dedicated solution for hotels which helps to manage your stay and easily information about local attractions, places to eat, things to do and see along with other vital information such as latest weather and traffic reports via RSS feeds.
    Concierge app also enables you to place orders and reservation for example with the hotel restaurant.
  • E-Banking – financial services and product presentations can be displayed via interactive surfaces, plus access to more personalized information for specific customer requirements can be authorized through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, available now on most mobile devices and smartphones. This app can become an excellent support tool for bank staff to assist their customers in an effective and innovative way.
  • Browser– multi headed internet browser enables multiple users to browse the internet at the same time from the same multi-touch surface.
  • Expo – designed to create inspirational interactive presentations of your products for display at shows or other events with a unique functionality for leaflet distribution via NFC or Bluetooth.
  • Aid – helpful during medical consultancy and as an education tool in students training.
  • Digital Signage – use this app to create an innovative “Point of Information” display which users can navigate easily and interact with in an intuitive manner. This app can help users access information in a public area such as a retail mall or work as an internal information/communication tool for a corporate company.
    Digital signage displays can be attractive platforms for advertisers to display content, which opens up the opportunity for your signage displays to become revenue earners themselves by selling the
    advertising space. This would help negate the cost of the hardware.