V-SKIN is a unique new easy fit touch overlay built with a lightweight stylish bezel, you just take out of the box, clip on to secure and connect the USB lead for a truly plug & play multi-touch experience. It could not be any easier to retro fit and apply an interactive touch layer to your monitor. Our V-SKIN touch overlays are compatible with most popular large format displays.
Key product features include:
  • 6 or 10 point fully HID compliant touch technology … so no drivers to install.
  • Touch powered via USB connector … so no additional power supply to worry about.
  • Easy-fit fixing clips to secure the overlay to the monitor … so no tools required.
  • Fitted with high quality toughen glass … so your monitor screen is fully protected.
  • Anti-Glare coating applied to glass … helps prevent bright light reflecting off screen surface.
  • Low friction surface finish … means smooth touch enhancing user experience.