Shopping Malls

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Deploying point of information kiosk such as V-Totem into innovative retails shopping malls areas can enhance the shoppers experience by providing a source of very valuable information such as; where to find the best offers, where to find public toilets or nappy changing facilities, where to find their favorite food for lunch along with getting weather and traffic updates before they embark on their journey home.
Touch screens are a very intuitive medium for convey all this kind of information to any one visiting the shopping mall.
Interactive touch videowalls also transform any space within a shopping mall providing super large format interactive display ideal for commercial advertising, public announcements and maybe some fun and games inspired by playful interactive software. Such displays provide “theatre” to its audience and can help attract and influence new visitor to come and return.
Software applications designed by our partners can include the logos and brands of the companies which are present in the shopping mall. Professionally designed Digital Signage networks also allow the administrators to manage the content on all V-Totem and V-Walls from a central location remotely.


Touch products such as V-Table and V-Screen are also perfect for creating interactive playground zones and environments.
The V-Tables for example can include multi-touch applications which attracts and entertain the younger ones whilst they are out shopping with their parents. Professionally designed application provides a lot of fun and challenges for the kids. If their parents are finished with their shopping they can also find some quiet time to surf the Wi-Fi internet which is provided in the area.

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