Conference rooms / Innovative offices


The way you present your business can greatly influence your customers purchasing decisions. Whether you represent an international corporation or a small family business, using innovative ways of presenting your products or services can dramatically increase your chances of turning your meetings into real business opportunities. Using a touch table for example to present your products enables your customer to see it and “virtually” touch it. High quality of the images displays along with the high build quality of the interactive table itself will certainly help form all the right impressions with your customer.

With sleek design and contemporary look and feel @Table can seamless blend into any modern office space and become a central point of your business meetings. Utilising and engaging with interactive touch displays in your office or conference room can significantly improve the effectiveness of your communications and enhance the attention span of your audience turning the otherwise obligatory boring meeting into a interactive brainstorm.

Using a touch videowalls can enhanced the message you want to get across to a greater level still maximizing impact to a larger audience. Large format interactive table can be used for collaborative meetings allowing multiple individuals to interact with the content on the screen at the same time which will certainly make project management meetings for inspiring and more effective. Such facilities are definitely a value add to the image of your business.