Multitouch Applications

Expo – tradeshow

05Present your content prepared under EXPO Composer in a new interactive way! …EXPO gives presented material a new dimension and boosts your organization to a new marketing level. Minimum system requirements: Windows 8.0 (64 bit)

Desktop Composer, which allows to prepare an interactive multi-touch presentation with independent content;

Multi-touch Presenter reads the Composer output and shows it in two modes: manual (user handles a presentation) and auto-play (presentation is shown automatically base on previous settings).

    • Custom products presentation/advertisement;
    • Intuitive presentation builder (Composer);
    • Multi-touch handling;
    • Way to draw on presented content;
    • Screenshorts functionality;
    • Easy rebranding;
    • Integrated browser.


Multi-touch game, which allows you to advertise brand or product in very efficient way. Minimum system requirements: Windows 8.0 (64 bit)


Multi-touch table in your restaurant or coffee shop – why not! Since now your guests get better way to be familiar with products they order, see how they are done and what recommend others – so everything we all know and love in mobile devices but this time on a big screen with a way to do it with our friends simultaneously. Minimum system requirements: Windows 8.0 (64 bit)

eBanking – financial sector

Multi-touch solution to handle advertising financial products as well as their various interactive presentations. The system is also prepared to assist users in simulations, during which a customer can check its creditworthiness. Once a customer is interested in some of available loans, system provides a possibility to send (with attached all meta data) such request to a financial institution.
Minimum system requirements: Windows 8.0 (64 bits)

  • Financial products presentation/advertisement;
  • Loans simulation;
  • Creditworthiness check;
  • Customer authentication (NFC);
  • Ability to integrate the program with third party solutions;
  • Easy rebranding;
  • Integrated browser.

Cinema – kina

System to check a cinema’s repertory in very multi-touch way, which means that users can work simultaneously. Minimum system requirements: Windows 8.0 (64 bits)

Concierge – hotels

Concierge is dedicated to hotel’s sector, it gives hotel’s guests access to optional excursions organized by a hotel or cooperated with it, third party companies. Hotel guest, according to its stay, can schedule various activities like city sightseeing trips, book movie or theater tickets, order via room service or even call taxi. The whole offer is powered by appropriate guidelines as well as the web access to original service pages, what gives a client a full control under ordered services and minimalizes presence of misunderstanding and unwanted orders.

Minimum system requirements: Windows 8.0 (64 bit)

Wykorzystując urządzenie dotykowe (touch table/wall) Concierge umożliwia gościom hotelowym dostęp do szeregu użytecznych funkcji, podwyższając tym samym standardy świadczonych przez hotel usług oraz prestiż samego hotelu. W zależności od prowadzonej polityki hotelu, obecność na urządzeniu dotykowym, usług firm trzecich – może być serwisem płatnym, bilansując w ten sposób ewentualne koszty urządzenia oraz aplikacji.

  • Authorization to the device via a hotel’s key;
  • Access to current invoice details;
  • Ability to order from the room service;
  • A way to schedule your stay (access to local cinemas, cafes, restaurants, pubs, ordering cubs, booking excursions, …);
  • Store important events in your private callendar on a mobile device;
  • Easy rebranding;
  • Integrated browser.